A Teaser and a bottle of ‘F*ck you pills’

A teaser and a bottle of f*ck you pills

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build Studio – DRD studios studio lot building RARE
  • Build houses – Dutchie – Hedwigepolder white unfurnished

The ramblings

Now for those who ran off shrieking “policital incorrectness” you might have thrown your wee rattle out of the pram a bit premature. Those curious to know what I am on about now, kick back, relax and enjoy the ride.

The other day I logged on and someone I hold very very dear IM’d me, asking how I was doing. It was kind of eerie as I was in a not so good state of mind. We got to talk and slowly but surely I revealed what bugged me. She not only understood but agreed fully and we spent some time talking, happily chatting away. 

When we were nearing the end of the convo, she said ‘we should have an on-off switch for caring or a nice handful of f*ck you pills’. And I couldn’t agree more. I wish I had a bucket of those pills. I would gorge on them.

So there you go, the how and why about the title, or at least a part. See, it’s half as bad as you thought it would be. Admit it!

Now for the teaser part. 

DRD is going to release the ‘Studio’s gacha’ at Retroville gacha. The event will start August 15 so you can safely say this IS a teaser. The set is awesome. Simply bloody awesome.

I am showing you the rare build, the studio (gah) which I absolute adore. It also has a directors chair, all sorts of little nifty movie props and diverse decors, amongst them a sci-fi set, a woodland set, a street set and then some. You will have to keep your eyes peeled for more information and you can do so by going to DRD Flickr page here.

The build it self is amazingly textured and will double so nicely as a home. I love one room homes or max. 2 rooms (I still have issues with SL doors.. go figure). It’s high and has these wonderful details. Still you gotta wait a bit and I am sorry to tease you this bad.

Now why are you showing us this so so soon? Because I am taking a nice little holiday. When and if I am in the mood and get online then perhaps I will do the odd picture but I will be ‘out of office’ till September first. 

The wee houses flanking the studio build are of course Dutchie’s Hedwigepolder houses. They are extremely well made and the textures and details are awesome. But seriously, what else is new from that store? So there.. Wait a little, shop a little and most of all enjoy!

Happy shopping.


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