Once upon a time…

Once upon a time

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build -Scarlet Creative Tree Tops Ground Version (NEW @ C88)
  • Lamp -junk. artificial gloom hanging light.(NEW @ C88)
  • Trees etc. –Skye Scots Pine Forest .. (NEW)

On me

  • Overall -*COCO*_DenimOverallWithTee_Midnight (NEW @ Fameshed)
  • Hair –(r)M Hair, No.24’14 (Redheads)
  • Pose – Del May – Brainache

The ramblings

Once upon a time there was a girl with a lamp doubling as an umbrella walking through the forest. The end.

Junk. released these epic lamps for this round of C88. They come in two versions, hanging and standing. And of course I couldn’t resist and use one of them as an umbrella, sort of. You all know by now I am a shitty blogger.

Seriously though. Once more Tab Tatham outdid herself with this release. Tab and Evan keep on surprising with awesome releases and for those who have not visited their new mainstore.. You are missing out. 

Scarlet Creative’s new house is magical. It’s a dream. Shape, size, quirkiness, textures, it’s all there and I am seriously having trouble finding the right words to tell you how great it is. It’s great. There I managed. 

The Scots Pine Forest is another great release of Alex Bader. I am in love with the textures and the trees and it will grace my sim for a long time to come. Hop over to his wonderful sim and check it out and then grab your pines on MP. 

So let’s talk about hair shall we? Yes I am wearing older hair. The horror. But I freaking love it. I think my white period is maybe coming to a close and my wild(er) period might be starting. I do not know yet. What I do know is that I went back to one of the stores I have always loved. (red)Mint. The colors are amazing as are the shapes and what more.

*COCO’s* overall doesn’t need much of an introduction or kinds words. The *COCO* clothes are simply good. Everything. All of it. Just good. 

So yes, boring post telling you how good and great and fantastic everything is, but that’s what it is. Just good stuff. Go and feast your eyes, try demo’s, wrestle yourself into the events and be amazed.

Happy shopping.


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