She works hard for the money..

She works hard for the money

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build -cinphul // Houard [Prefab – option] (NEW @ LTD Event)
  • Bed (shadow) -[PM]Pixel Mode – Pandora Iron Bed (NEW @ C88)
  • Sign -7 – Private Session Neon(NEW @ LTD Event)

On me

  • Hair –(r)M Hair No.29’14, oneSize – Fantasy (o.1-3)

The ramblings

Cinphul yet again flabbergasted me with this new release. A high build, where the stairs and the used textures are the absolute eye catchers. Yes, yes I know. Droning on about textures. Live with it.

The house is high. The floorspace is dominated by this magnificent set of stairs and I have licked and drooled over every inch of it. So yes I do love it. Very much so. As for the shape I have tried to give you a sense of the height but do yourself a favor and hop over to the LTD event and check it out for yourself.

As for the shadow of the bed.. Why mention something that is (again) barely visible?Well the bed is awesome. Duh.. It’s from Pixel Mode and the shape, lines and shadow (!) just fitted this picture. At least in my humble opinion so there it is. 

The sign from Seven Emporium ‘ private session’ just fitted this picture perfectly. Again in my humble opinion. Those with a sense of drama and a bit of fantasy do not need much help in tying the title to the sign, seeing a naked avi climbing up the stairs. It tells a story. For those missing the pun completely, no I am not a whore.  But I do like to think at times that I do work hard blogging, most of the time!

Again a hair from (red)Mint. Blabla, the colors are just freaking awesome. As is the whole hair. 

So enough ramblings, you have shopping to do and houses to lick.

Happy shopping!


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