Of a warehouse and a stool

of a warehouse and a stool The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build -=EliBaily= Shoreditch Industrial Warehouse (NEW @ LTD event)
  • Stool -junk. painter’s stool.The ramblings(NEW @ LTD event)

On me

  • Hair –(r)M Hair No.29’14, oneSize – Fantasy (o.1-3)
  • Boots –(r)M o1/Shoe Repair “Punk Boot”

The ramblings

A while back I was nosing around at EliBaily’s store and noticed the awesome store build. It is a conversion of a kind of the wonderful skybox, released a while back. I didn’t see it for sale and so I put on my big girl panties and contacted the creator asking how and if I could get my greedy paws on that particular build. He told me I was not the only one asking and that he would release it sometime soonish. Thank you again for taking the time to answer my questions and being a very gracious host. 

And behold.. soonish just arrived. This build is available at the LTD event and perhaps you should hop on over and check it out for yourself. The textures are amazing and it is just a kick ass build. 

The stool from Junk. is another wee gem. Yes textures. Yes jam packed with poses, yes well made mesh, yes yes yes. I can drone on and on and on but if this is your style then this is your stool. And even if it’s not your style you do want this stool just for the textures. Or poses. Or just because! The stool is also available at the LTD event.

About my shoes.. yes they are old(er). I just love them. And I  am finding this delicious mix of old and new and I am having a ball playing with it. Just a fyi that one. The shoes are more then up to par and you can grab them at the (red)Mint store and happily stomp around. I am wearing them with the Maitreya meshbody without the feet.

The hair I talked about yesterday and with that said I think this is it for today. Time for you to go shopping!

Happy shopping. 



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