This game has become boring

This game has become boring

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Chair(s) -junk. vintage stadium seat. (NEW @ Uber)

On me

  • Blazer -*COCO*_StretchBlazer_(NEW @ShinyShabby)
  • Shorts -[monso] My Patch Denim Shorts – Vintage Blue(NEW @ShinyShabby)
  • Pumps -JD – Cara Leather Black (NEW @ Uber)
  • Hair -.Shi Hair : Blown {Bubblegum . Unisex}

The ramblings

I think those who know me  know exactly what I mean with this title. SL is a wonderful place to be creative, meet people or if it’s your fancy put your avi to the motions on any adult sim. What is becoming rapidly a total bore is the backstabbing, gossip and all that shit. I probably do not understand the complicated do’s and don’t’s regarding online platforms but then again.. I don’t want to understand.

I just want to make pictures, good or bad, and enjoy the art and pictures other people make. What is wrong and utterly boring are those who revel in drama, backstabbing, spreading rumors and lies based on ‘assumptions’. Enjoy but I won’t play.

So go ahead and play your precious game, but leave me be to doodle on the wall and stare in awe at the creations from the content creators and the wonderful pieces of art on Flickr. With that out of the way.. What is absolutely NOT boring are the goodies I am showing you today. 

Once more chairs from Junk. but they are so great!! Packed with poses, textures to drool over and with 3 prims or LI nowadays they are an awesome asset to any decor or simply on their own. Yes I am in love.

I am also deeply and utterly in love with JD’s latest release. Leather pumps with socks. I just love them! I wonder if I would have the courage to wear that in real life. I will keep you informed. But I digress. 

New shoes from Just Design and they are available at Uber, as are the seats from Junk. They come as per usual in an array of colors and options for the socks. Even if you do not buy the fatpack (all colors) you still can customize your pump and socks through the huds you will find in your folder. And coming from JD I do not have to tell you how freakishly well they are made.

The blazer from *COCO*; I have said it before, *COCO* is one of those stores that simply IS quality with every single release. 

Monso’s shorts are refreshingly different. They are not to long, not to short and the textures are a tad different which I do like a lot. I love running around in shorts but not always in hot pant like affairs or hiphop pants. So yes to these shorts who are a perfect pair for those moods when you get… well bored? 

Ok I will leave you for now, enjoy your shopping!

Happy shopping.



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