She reads your head like an open book

she reads your head like an open book

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – POST – Skov Kapel
  • Sign – 7 – Phrenology Sign
  • Carousel – {vespertine} little prince carousel -daydream /big ver.99LI
  • Trees – Skye Scots Pine Forest  & Skye Twisted Tree.

On me

  • Hair – MINA – Anais – (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)
  • Jacket – *COCO*_CroppedDenimJacket
  • Fur – *COCO* _FurTippet&Pearls_WhitePearls
  • Skirt – *COCO*_LacePencilSkirt_@ShinyShabby

The ramblings

Fifty Linden Friday and I am a day late without an excuse, other then me agonizing over this picture. Deciding weather or not it was ‘good’ enough. Yes I am like that. Funny when you agonize over things, time flies. I welcome it. Time flying that is. But once more I digress. 

Fifty Linden Friday has come and gone and Seven Emporium has released this great sign I am showing you. You know by now that I love signs and that I love Agustov’s work. No wonder as it is awesome. Original mesh and textures of the highest quality and original. So hop on over and check it out!

On the right side of the picture you no doubt have recognized the wonderful ‘little prince carousel’ that Vespertine released a short while ago. It is simply stunning. Vespertine is one of the creators on the grid I admire so much. The colors and textures are rich and warm and the designs are original and simply beautiful. It is one of the stores I visit often and when I do, that visit never fails to make me smile.

The foliage you see is the new tree from Skye as well as the pine forest. I am in love. But that also is nothing new. 

My hair is from MINA and available at Shiny Shabby and the jacket (and shirt) and skirt and pearls are from COCO. COCO has several new(er) items out on various events.

You might ask why I am not showing those. Well not always will an item fit my look when I start dressing up for a shoot. Same goes for items I very much want to show you. It simply not always fits the mood of the day. It says nothing about the items, it says everything about my mood. Either way, all mentioned designers are amongst the very best SL has to offer and their stuff is simply good. Well that is slightly understating it as words as brilliant and awesome come to mind. But sometimes understating something is good.

And sometimes you just state the obvious. 

Happy shopping.


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  3. I am the poster child of wearing those old favorites. I just did 3 styles, one for an upcoming Fashion Week ad, and two for an upcoming magazine shoot, but I won’t apologize, sometimes it’s the old stuff that fits exactly where you are. That’s why fashion in the real world recycles so often. Perfect styling and mood as always. You can teach an old cow quite a bit about style my gorgeous Rwah! Just love you so!

  4. I totally agree on your last words here, mood is everything. If something simply does not fit in our minds then you will never use something or enjoy it to its fullest. Great post

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