Move over Nanny McPhee

Move over Nanny McPhee

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – DRD Mystery mansion (Soon for the Arcade)
  • Suitcase – DRD (Soon for the Arcade)
  • Flowers – Botanical – Sunflower Set (NEW)
  • Hedge – Botanical
  • Fence – Apple Fall Bushmead Railing (Rust) (Box)
  • Path – {vespertine – tile skipping path/plain}
  • Trees and grass – Skye

On me

  • Hair – Vanity Hair::Not My Business -Happy Pack (NEW @ Shiny Shabby)
  • Mouth – [ContraptioN] Needle Jaw  BOXED
  • Blouse – *Shai* Alice Blouse – Black
  • Stockings – –SU!– Lady Rebel Nylon Tights #07 (Maitreya applier)
  • Skirt & socks – Dirty Princess 
  • Pose – Del May – Out of patience

The ramblings

Now for those in an hurry or are not in the mood for a drool fest, back away slowly while you still can. For those who stay, please take your box of complimentary tissues, because you will need them! 

The house in the background is freaking awesome. If you are looking for that run down, old, perhaps even haunted mansion to grace your sim, don’t look any further. You found it. The catch is that it is a rare for DRD’s Arcade release. BUT…

The rest of the stuff is bloody brilliant as well. So while you are trying to get that rare, you will be getting all other goodies as well. The bookcases which we were teased with this week are only the tip of the iceberg. Jaimy went all out and truly there is to much to list here. Take a look here for an overview of what is to be had. Every single item is perfect. From the crazy scary doll in the chair to the noose for a DYI hanging. Wait.. well nvm that, all items are perfect. A few more nights of sleeping or for the insomniacs amongst you, counting sheep, and you can get your greedy paws on it. 

So there I was, setting up a shoot inside the house when I received a notice from Botanical telling me there was a new release. Sunflowers. I clapped my wee hands because I simply love love love sunflowers. If you go ahead and buy, you find various rows and single flower options. And the best part.. They are insanely low prim!! For example, a row of 8 sunflowers is… *insert drum roll here* 1 prim!

And it is not some pissy small row that you have to blow up to even spot your flowers either. They are perfectly sized and even more perfectly textured and made. Of course you can see them for yourself in world and I suggest you do just that. 

While I was doing just that, I walked into Shai and grabbed the wee blouse I am wearing. Shai is one of those fashion stores that I sometimes forget about. When you are in need of high quality clothes then you have to check this store out. There is a huge variety in things to be had.

The awesome fence, or railing if you wish, is from Apple Fall and I could not be happier with it. Many many designers have made cast iron railings but most are not stand alone or are part of a gacha release which makes it hard to build a proper fence. 

Apple not only build a stand alone cast iron fence, (I stubbornly keep calling it that) but it is low prim, extremely well made as per usual from this designer and comes in 3 variations. Available at the Apple Fall main store and a must have. 

Contraption doesn’t need an introduction I think. That store is a source of inspiration for a style that I find hard to describe but absolute love. Steampunk meats crazy scientist? You tell me. But whatever the style is, the items are amazing and will always give your outfit or avatar that wee bit extra. 

My stockings. Ever since mesh bodies I have been on the look out to replace the system layer clothes I love so much. These stockings are a must have for me and they come in normal layers, a ton of appliers and are just freaking awesome. Yes I know.. awesome, again. It is the simple truth.

Other bits and pieces you see are from Botanical (hedge), Alex Bader (trees and grasses), and Vespertine (skipping path). Since I just wrote a bit about the last two I will restrain myself and not burst into another drool fest over these items. *Dabs chin a bit* 

All the stuff I am showing you today is simply bloody awesome. And what is more, apart from the house and the suitcase, everything is right there for you to grab and check out. So enough drooling, you have shopping to do!

Happy shopping!



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  3. omgosh! love that house! *wonders how many Lindens she will lose if she tries to win it* You made me shop! I happen to need those tights for a magazine pic I am styling at the moment! YAY!

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