The shopping list and ramblings

  • Ear piece – [CX] Aural Parasite (NEW @ TMD)
  • Collar  – [CX] Skin Deep Remake (Lead)
  • Add on for Skin Deep collar –  [CX] Skin Deep Retake (Kuudere + Black)
  • Hand add on – [CX]  Hayop (Silver)
  • Pose – Del May

The ramblings

CerberusXing is one of those designers that I love. So today I decided to grab a few of my favorite pieces and throw them together.. and I think I will not take ‘m off any time soon as I love every single piece. So let’s go;

My absolute favorite is the Skin Deep collar. The first edition was my favorite and this one is and will probably be my all time favorite. The add on, the chain with a tag, mine reads Kuudere (and yes I did read up on what it means) is another piece I fell in love with. 

Most will know this store from the amazing piercings and body add ons. Don’t pelt me with sticky cotton balls for calling them that, as I have no idea how to sum them up in one go otherwise. Regardless of that, you know what I mean. They are perfection.

Let’s talk about perfection. Although my credo is ‘perfection is utterly boring’ this is one of the exceptions to the rule. Creating items that are meant to attach to your avatar it is a pleasure to open a box, hit ‘add’ and know it simply fits and works. Every time again. For the Hayop is sized for hand size 10 for the Maitreya body, which I am wearing. 

The ear piece is a new release for this months TMD. Good blogger as I am snowed under by my enthusiasm over the other items but it is brilliant and I love it. 

The textures used for the steel (I have not investigated the other textures only the ones mentioned above) are brilliant. I have a thing for steel and lead and I drooled happily all over them. Can you tell how much I love this all? Good because I do.

Another thing about this store/designer is the epic customer service. Once more I put on my big girl panties, contacted with a question and not only did I get a fast and good response but in an awesome pleasant way. Thank you again for your patience and time!

It often surprises me how in SL we all try, me included, to do our best to copy life 1.0. Preferably to perfection. I have thought about this a long time now and I figured that impractical garments and steel implants are a MUST for me in life 2.0. So there.

Now chop chop, TMD, CerberusXing Mainstore, you have your lists!

Happy shopping.

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