I think we’re alone now

I think we're alone now

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – Scarlet Creative Moon Rise Cottage (NEW @ C88)

On me

  • Cleaver and blood around mouth – [CX] Butchered Face
  • Body blood – [flit ink] Menace V3.3 Splatter tattoo w/ Mesh Appliers
  • Pose – Del May

The ramblings

Yes another Scarlet Creative house and again a winner. Moon Rise Cottage has this delicious gothic feel and I am in the right mood for that. Oh yes. It has nothing to do with Halloween, which I don’t celebrate but yes it has to do with the seasons changing. Very much so.

As always it stunning and typical Scarlet Creative. Different from all others and textures and shapes to drool over. If you look closely I am drooling.

I told you in the ‘Yes’ post I had been shopping at [CX]. Well the cleaver was another thing I had to have and voila, here it is. Since I already told you how well made everything from that creator is, I am not going to bore you with that again. But it is well made, very well made!

This shoot started out very differently (see picture below) and I decided for once to share it with you a bit more in-depth. Remember how I told you cropping sometimes makes a whole set go ‘poof’ and leaving me with just a few close-ups? Now this picture is such a situation but this time I just accidently rotated my camera and came up with the above angle instead of the wide far off shot I had planned. 

As you can see I used many items including those of Botanical (hedges and fences(!), tree and path,  DRD – pots part of the Arcade release and the wonderful trees and grasses from Alex Bader. 

It happens and not deliberately or I would not bother to set up everything as I do. But it is how I roll. And I want to thank the creators that still allow me maim their creations in my pictures to continue doing just that. Being me with their creations.

how it was set up

The wee prim is my ‘pose’. I still use the old ‘rezz a prim trick’. 

Happy shopping.


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