Come and get it bishes

Come and get it bishes

Shopping list and ramblings

Sign – 7 – Defcon Alert (SOON for FLF)

The ramblings

Are you as exhausted as I am after that shopping list? I needed a break after that one. Now I am back and well let’s do this. 

Seven Emporium will be releasing this Defcon Alert sign when they next participate in FLF. That can be this round or perhaps the next, I am not sure. However when Agustkov allowed me a sneak peak I nagged, nagged more, threw rattles all over the place, shoved my pram in the lake and behold, I was given a very early copy.

It suits me as the coming weeks will be so busy I hope I will be able to blog/make pictures but be sure I will try. But I digress. 

The sign is always perfectly made. Textures, design, mesh it is as per usual always there.  It has become a challenge for me to find new words, ways to tell you how well the Seven Emporium stuff is made and this particular challenge I am failing. I don’t have words. Other then that if you want original made stuff, you know where to go.

About the picture I could tell you a lot and I could not. I have told you many times that all pictures I make are personal and even some have meaning. This one is very much no exception. However the only thing I wish to tell you about the meaning is that it holds no bearing on Second Life whatsoever. In the past I have taken many a jab at SL, this one is utterly personal.

So, while you wait for FLF and this release, do yourself a favor and check out Agustkov’s mainstore. It’s a worthwhile trip.

Happy shopping.

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