There are things I have done..

There are thing I have done

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Piano – DRD MM haunted piano c/m (NEW @ Arcade)

On me

  • Dress – !APHORISM! Cara Dress black (NEW @ Shiny Shabby– opens sept. 20th)
  • Shoes – AZOURY – Chromatics V2 (Black) (NEW @ Shiny Shabby– opens sept. 20th)

The ramblings

Sometimes things come together so nicely, at least I think so. A while back Rucy Byron (!APHORISM!) posted a picture of the Cara Dress and I have been drooling over that picture ever since. Yesterday I received it and meanwhile I had seen the stunning shoes from AZOURY. The piano from DRD, part of their haunted house release had been begging a long time to be in a picture as well.To top it off music that means a lot and then some to me. Do I need to tell you more? 

Well perhaps not, but I am going to anyway. I am nice like that. So here we go; 

The Cara dress, a new release for this round of Shiny Shabby is awesome. Weather you use it as a LBD or go goth with it, it simply is stunning. Textures, fit, yup yup all there. Available in several colors when Shiny Shabby opens on September 20th.

AZOURY. I love love their designs. No they are not practical but who cares? It’s SL ya know. You are not going for you weekend shopping in these so wear ‘m! They are, as always, well made, the textures are awesome and various color combinations to be had. 

The piano from DRD. I have a thing for piano’s. Don’t ask me why but I do. And this one all covered in cobwebs and dust is yet another one I love. Part of DRD’s gacha release for this round of the Arcade.

So what else can I tell you that you don’t already know? There are times I really do not like being a blogger. Again not because the things I have to blog are bad, but because I simply have no inspiration or a mood that has nothing to do with the stuff I am supposed to show you. And then there are days that I love being a blogger. This is such a day.

You should hunt that piano down and then sleep 2 more nights to get your greedy paws on the dress and clothes. 

Happy shopping.

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