The shopping list and ramblings

  • Dutchie bondage horse (NEW @ ROMP, soon october 2.)

On me

  • Finger thingies –[CX] Hayop (Silver) (unpacked)
  • Ink -*Bolson / Tattoo Mesh Body Pack – Frahm (NEW @MOM)
  • Mask –-DRD- f.o.d. Blind venomous carnage RARE

The ramblings

Let’s talk about bondage shall we? Yes you read right. Bondage. 

How many of you out there got their first taste of BDSM through SL? Retorical. I am not after you confessions. I am however out to tell you about quality.

Bondage, BDSM at large is not about ‘obey you b*tch or else*. It is ultimate, in yours truly humble opinion, about a very intimate way of being with your chosen one. Now if you keep that in mind, you can fathom where I come from in this particular post. 

Dutchie is one of very few designers who actually get’s this. Again, according to yours truly humble opinion. 

For the longest time Dutchie has treated us with furniture that not only is pleasing to look at but also has a menu, poses, that speak volumes. Style, epic poses and kick ass design all wrapped up in one neat package. Be it the male dominant or female dominant chairs, a desk, a spanking chair or one of her many beds. If you want to ad some realism to your SL bondage/BDSM experience Dutchie is the place to go. If you want femdom it’s the ONLY place to go.

You still with me? Then let’s talk about Dutchie’s latest release. A stunning package that includes above bondage horse but also has a bed (yes a new Dutchie bed!), a cabinet, a post and a rack. 

It’s a release that fits any decor and style and no one says you HAVE to use the bondage horse as such. It will make a very nice side table too. Just sayin’. Seriously though, as always Froukje’s designs do not need to be stowed away in a special room but can be part of your decor as they are simply beautifully made. 

Anyway, as you know I am a sucker for textures and I can assure you this particular release has been drooled over profoundly. (now drag yer minds out of the gutter). The textures are stunning, the mesh is perfect and all holds up under the most harsh lightening conditions SL can throw at you. 

One little snag though; As yours truly (I do like that phrase) is writing this post, she is not completely sure when ROMP starts. But since we are talking about BDSM a bit of torture is not out of place. The torture being you having to find out the details. 

Happy shopping.

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