I don’t care if it was good for you

I dont care if it was good for you too

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Bed –Dutchie bondage bed (NEW @ ROMP)
  • Finger thingies –[CX] Hayop (Silver)
  • Ink -*Bolson / Tattoo Mesh Body Pack – Frahm (NEW @MOM)
  • Pose – Del May – Fag break

The ramblings

ROMP opened and the wait for Dutchie’s new release is officially over. As I told you before Dutchie has released this incredible new set and it includes this bed.

Big whoop you might say. Well yes. Very big whoop. Apart from having exceptional animations and being a bed that will cater to all your RP needs, the style is such that it also fits perfectly in any abandoned, run down house or room. 

The later being something that makes me very happy. There is a vast variety of stuff out there that will fit nicely, if not perfectly, in said scene. There are sadly very very few beds that have it all. The dirty stained mattress, the wood that is just about perfect, the chains and then of course the menu. 

Did you just sneakily drool over textures? Well yes perhaps, but nothing sneaky about those. They are simply stunning. Drooling is a must!

You really should hop over to ROMP and at least read the info on this set as it has more then I can relay here. I could but the notecard Froukje made tells you all. And for those who sport the Aeros appendage make SURE you do read the information. Just sayin’.

So hop on over to ROMP and/or the Dutchie mainstore and feast your eyes on the kinky furniture and other goodies that will not only tickle your kink nerve but also will cater to your decorating needs. 

As for my ink.. what is there to say? I love it? That I love it hard? You know I do. Bolson again hit the nail on the head but then they always do. 

Same goes for CX and they have a vast array of new goodies out, amongst them epic elven ears. Go find them. Really you should. 

I will stop rambling and get going and you should to. 

Happy shopping.

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