The shopping list and ramblings

  • junk. lobotomy table. (NEW for The Peatonville Asylum)

The ramblings

It’s october again and that means the grid is exploding with halloween and autumn stuff. One of my favorite releases in the autumn stuff department comes from Junk as well. They have released, as they call it ‘Autumn Junk’. It’s simply awesome.

So when I logged on this morning I had this idea in my head for a picture. It involved some of that ‘Autumn Junk’, a pretty vest and pants and a house. A proper autumnal picture. Well that didn’t happen.

Because when I did log on I got wind of the MadPea Hunt and it involved this lobotomy table. Made my Tab and Evan, the owner/designers of Junk. And the rest is, as they say history. Insanity pure. 

I guess I am a sucker for not standard stuff, a bit of blood and gore sprinkled with a healthy dash of insanity. It makes life so much more interesting.  On the downside; I have to re-invent my sim again since asylum seems to have gone mainstream. And we all know what happens with fun things that go mainstream. They become boring.

Not so with this table. I am positive it will grace any house I decorate for a good time to come as it’s simply brilliantly made. The textures are insanely good (yes I went there) and the poses are stunning. I can drone on about this much longer, but you know all this.

After all its Junk.

For more information about the MadPea hunt click here and do not forget to hop over to the Junk store and check it out. It’s very much worth it!

Happy shopping.

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