Back in business

Back in business

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build – Scarlet Creative Burtonesque House (NEW @ C88)
  • Dealer stuff – [NikotiN] Dealer Kitchen (NEW @ TMD)
  • Duct tape and Chloroform – MadPea Murder Kit – Duct Tape (after) (NEW @ TMD)
  • Covered furniture & frames – –DRD– Mystery mansion Gacha

On me

  • Shirt – !APHORISM!- Vintage T-Shirt
  • Hair – *Drot* -Kyel- Greyscale (NEW @ TMD)
  • Pose – Del May -DM – Bar chat male (pensive) (NEW)

The ramblings

If you squint and use a lot of imagination you can actually make out the new Scarlet Creative release for C88. It takes a lot of squinting! It is stunning. You might wonder if it is so stunning why I don’t show it better. Well.. artistic licence. Again.

I started out by trying to find a nice angle and then figured I needed a prop so I went over to TMD and then I got so lost. But I am ahead of myself. The Burtonesque house is not only a typical Scarlet Creative build but the used textures are epic. As is the lay out and overall design. 

This house is versatile and can easily fit in a goth/horror/victorian setting as well as in a vintage setting. Go check it out at C88,

So there I was at TMD and saw the releases from both NikotiN and MadPea and I was sold. 

NiktoiN doesn’t need a real introduction I think. Those who smoke in world will know that place for their fabulous smoking gear. Now they have a new release out at TMD and if you ever wanted to go into ‘business’ now is your chance. The set has many parts and I am not going to sum ‘m all up but I am going to urge you to hop over to TMD and check it out. 

It is very much worth it. It is so so worth it. Go.

While you are at TMD make sure you find the MadPea release. Their Murder Kit is another must have and even though I am only showing the chloroform and duct tape the whole set is a must have. Not only for decor needs but the actual weapons are animated so you can wear them.

I was planning to do a shoot with the latest Aphorisme release but ended up wearing the vintage Tshirt from the same designer. Rucy Byron released the Autumn Jacket and it is perfect. But since I suck at planning shoots I ended up wearing something else. I wonder why I plan at all. 

Well enough blabla. You have shopping to do and I have tissues to hunt as I have a cold from hell so happy sneezing and.. 

Happy shopping.


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