The shopping list and ramblings

  • Avatar – !APHORISM! Skeleton Avatar Female RARE – + !APHORISM! Devil -SkullSkeleton Collection – (NEW for Wayward Halloween)
  • Phone – 18 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Off the Hook (Gacha)
  • Book & Letters – [ zerkalo ] The Saint Pete City Hunt
  • Bookcases – DRD MM library bookshelf  (part of Haunted House gacha)
  • Pose – Del May – What if

The ramblings

Well pull up a chair as I am going to ramble a bit about all the goodies here and then some. So if you are in hurry, bye see you next time, happy shopping. For those who have a few minutes to spare, enjoy the ride!

APHORISM is going to release this epic, amazing, brilliant set for Wayward Halloween. That starts in a few days so you have to be patient a wee bit longer. It is a perfect set. The avi I am showing you is a rare but the rest of the set is just as epic and a must have for the season. Seriously. Its epic. Did I say it’s epic? Well it is. I have no idea what else to tell you more as it is smack bang on target. So make sure you add this to your wishlists!!

The phone from 8f8 is part of the Storyteller’s Burrow, iBi’s latest release and a gacha. For those who haven’t heard, customer service of 8f8 is not available at this moment but should you need their assistance make sure you scribble everything down and copy and paste all relevant information in a notecard and have a bit of patience. 

With that said, I do not think 8f8 needs an introduction and if it does then I can be brief. All the stuff is brilliant. Personally I think this release trumps all others but that is my personal taste talking. The quality, textures and unlimited imagination of this designer is a guarantee that everything created is simply stunning.

Zerkalo is another designer that makes incredible stuff and this, small, release is not different. You might have heard of the Saint Pete’s City hunt and if not then make sure you do get on board with that. The latest creation of Neva Crystall is more then worth the visit without a hunt, but you will be spoiled with a few goodies if you do decide to partake. 

The bookcases are part of DRD’s Haunted House gacha, another winner in my book. I can keep harping on how great it’s made and how wonderful the textures are but I am running out of words to tell you that they are. Again the whole set is worth having so don’t be shy and hit up that machine!

Last but not least the pose from Del May. Often poses are just a footnote and I am guilty of that too. However this time I want to tell a bit more about them. Them, as in poses from Del May. As you might have noticed I use them 9 out of 10 times and there are many many posemakers out there that perhaps are just as good or perhaps even better. 

Still I am hung up on Del May for several reasons. One of them is that I know a lot of their poses which to me is crucial for any picture. The pose often makes a statement, like in this case. Not only with the form but in this particular picture even with the name! 

Knowing the poses saves oodles of time for me. When I start making a picture, i.e dress up, make my scene etc, I already have an idea what vibe that picture should have and I express that through the scene, clothes AND pose. I have no clue if I succeed in conveying it properly but when I post a picture I have done so in my book. To me it all ads up. 

The second reason I use Del May poses is when I am stuck, can’t find ‘the’ one pose I know it’s out there somewhere at the mainstore. And since I love going through poses there and often find inspiration for new pictures while doing just that I go to Del May.

Now you know.

On a personal note I would like to say; make sure you know if you are waiting, it’s worth the wait. Now you don’t have to wait for most stuff shown here. You have your lists, off you go!

Happy shopping.




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