If I have your love and an ocean I’ll have it all

If I have your love and an ocean, I have it all

The shopping list and ramblings

On me

The ramblings

Y’all know how much I love jeans right? And you all know, if you read this blog how much I do not like most ladies jeans. Well, I stand corrected. 

Again through an event I have discovered a new store and it is really one of the best things about events in my book. You run into designers you didn’t know and discover this whole new range of stuff. Stuff I don’t need as my inventory is yet again exploding but stuff I want as it’s so freakishly good. 

N-Uno has released a wonderful set for Shinny Shabby and part of it are these wonderful jeans. They come in a variety colors. Not that you can see colors in this picture good blogger as I am. But they are stunning.

Fit yes. Textures YES. Textures YES. Textures YES. Ok I’ll stop now, but the textures are bloody awesome. If you want to take a look at the full set, check out the creators Flickr page here. These jeans are awesome!

The jeans jacket from COCO is another winner. I keep wearing it every chance I get and since it is COCO it doesn’t need much of an introduction.

The Beach Pilings from CR are beautiful. And the best news is that even if you blow them up, like I did in this picture, they keep their LI. Meaning these beauty’s have a LI of only 1! The textures are stunning and there are 5 different in each pack. 

Short and to the point ramblings today as I have ‘homework’ to do. 

Happy shopping!

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