Blending in

Blending in

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Mask – 02.*Bolson & [ kunst ] / Fear Porcelain Mask (RARE) (NEWwhen you squint lol)
  • Stole – [CX] Fur Stole Unrigged (Black) (NEW – soon @ Uber)
  • Jeans – N-Uno – Claris Outfit Jeans (NEW @ Shinny Shabby)
  • Shoes – xin. autumn boots + mud (NEW – soon @ Uber)
  • Blood spatter – [flit ink] Menace V3.3 Splatter tattoo w/ Mesh Appliers
  • Pose – Del May

The ramblings

Risking my sanity I decided to try and do a location shot. Not that you can see jack shit about it but still I did it! And that’s a feat as my pc is dying and the connection I am on would make a 90’s gamer cry out in sympathy. It’s that tiny. Still I ventured out and took a shot. Literally. 

Ironwood Hills is a breathtaking, stunning sim. But I am telling you nothing you do not know already. The town is full of surprises if you wander around and it is a breath of fresh air seeing a more dark themed sim. Urban, grunge, spooky, mental, beautiful, brilliantly build and a pleasure to roam around. I can harp on about it, but best is you go and take a look for yourself. 

The shoes are available tomorrow when Uber opens. They are excellently made and textured to perfection. You can’t see the mud very well in this shot but what else is new. I am a lousy blogger! Just take my word for it, or better hop on over to Uber tomorrow.

The stole is from CX. Another amazing release from this designer whom I have fallen in love with. Yes it is nice to look all pretty and dress up like you perhaps would in real life, but I prefer to explore the (im)possibilities by creating looks that are not easily attained in first life. Let’s face it, you don’t run around in a fur stole covered in blood spatters on a daily basis. At least I don’t. But I digress. 

The stole comes in a few colors and is unrigged so you can make it fit to perfection. Textures yes, style & look yes. Epicness yes. A big fat yes.

The mask is brilliant. I love it.  A collaboration of Kunst and Bolson. You can get many more when you hop over to the Bolson or Kunst store and hit the gacha machine. 

Last but not least my beautiful blood spatters. They are from Flit Ink and simply brilliant.

Ok enough blabla, you have your shopping list and a location to go and be in awe so,

happy shopping!


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