The shopping list and ramblings

  • Dress – *katat0nik* (black) Occult Dress (NEW @ SaNaRae)
  • Shoes & Mask – AZOURY
  • Pose – Del May

The ramblings

Chateau Village. The name has popped up the last few weeks and today I decided to go and explore this new sim. And wow.

Today, actually only a few hours left, is the last chance you have to explore without any restrictions. Well other then not being an ass obviously. But tonight the sim opens for RP. And it’s not just ‘another RP sim’. If you take a little time and read up on the website that explains what the sim is about you might just be in for the treat of the year.

Go. Read. Chateau Village roleplay 

The sim itself is stunning. My silly little picture truly doesn’t do it justice but then again, what else is new? The town is brilliantly build and every nook and cranny is decorated. The very vibe changes when you wander around and find yourself in the different areas of the sim. I do know sims all have the same sizes. Still it seems you can explore and wander almost endlessly on this one.

I am not going to give any spoilers or details but if you have a moment then do read up on their website and if you are into intricate, dark RP in SL then this sim is a must.

I want to thank those who endured me and made me realise that I am a hermit for a reason! Thank you!

Of course I had whip out my Occult Dress for this shot. The dress is made by KatotonikPigeon and available at SaNaRae. The textures are hand drawn, a wee pigeon told me so and I can tell you they are stunning! 

The mask and shoes you no doubt have recognized already but I do love them shoes so so much!! I have told you about them before so I will be brief; they rock. The mask just had to be as it has been sitting in my inventory, impatiently waiting for me to use it.

On a very personal note; I like masks at certain times but as with everything, time and place. But what I love even more is yanking them off of those who claim not to wear them. 

Happy shopping!


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