Alternative Babydoll

yeah i know

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build -Scarlet Creative Atley House- (NEW @ C88)
  • Sofa -[ zerkalo ] California – Couch – PG (NEW @ 6 Republic)
  • Jacket -!APHORISM! Cassady Jacket(NEW @ TMD)
  • Jeans -not so bad . AARON jeans . fitted mesh . TMP . faded (NEW @ TMD)
  • Pose – Del May – Alternative Babydoll 

The ramblings

Another house, another pair of jeans and another kick ass jacket. Same old, same old?

Not really. Scarlet Creative has released this build for this round of C88 and it is a symphony in white tones laced with some wood notes. Now look who’s getting all poetic!

But I am serious. The house has a lot of smal(ler) rooms and it just screams to be decorated. I don’t decorate. Which might be weird for someone who blogs decor but really the times I have decorated a full house are rare. I love to play with windlight settings and let the light decorate the build. But if you are into decorating and using a lot of beautiful things then this is your house.

Ramble ramble about textures goes here and they are freaking awesome. 

The sofa that is peaking out in the corner is of course from Zerkalo and was offered up on the altar of cropping. But… it is truly awesome. The colors, the style and poses are awesome and it is perfect if you like the secondhand vintage feeling. 

As for my pixels, they are dressed in the beautiful jacket that APHORISM released for this round of TMD. It’s bloody awesome. Yes it’s for guys, yes it’s a bit roomy around the neck if you have a tiny avatar like I do and yes I don’t give a blue flying you know what. I love love love it. As always the textures used by Rucy Byron are flawless and you have the agony of choice when it comes to colors. 

It comes with pants too but I decided to pair the jacket with NotSoBad’s latest release, also available at this round of TMD. I don’t have to tell you how great their jeans are. They are. 

These are male jeans but again, who cares? They are brilliant. 

Short rambles as first life is insanely busy and you have shopping to do, instead of reading my ramblings.

Happy shopping.


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