Stormy weather

Stormy weather

The shopping list and ramblings

  • Build -Apple Fall Old Manufactory (NEW @ TLC)
  • Stool -[ zerkalo ] Old Stool – Light (NEW @ TLC)
  • On me
  • Sweater – ::K:: Mock Neck Sweater Femme Black (NEW @ TMD)
  • Boots -TonkTastic – 390s [Black] (NEW @ TMD)
  • Pose – Del May – Cute Spectator

The ramblings

Where to start? Well let’s talk weather first. Amidst gale winds and thunderstorms a warm sweater is a must as are boots. So I am wearing those! Of course I am a bad bad blogger and you can’t really make them out but I do hope you will trust me if I say that both are more then worth having.

The Mock Neck Sweater is available at this round of TMD and it comes in both male and female versions. The ‘mock’ shirt, has several textures you can choose from and as always the textures are stunning. Nothing new coming from this designer. The sweater itself comes also in an array of colors so you have the agony of choice. Perhaps you want to consider the fatpack for this one.

TonkTastic’s boots are awesome. I have a thing for boots for those who are a tad perceptive and these come with a shitload of options, accessible through a hud. I would say this round of TMD is once more a feast of fashion and decor. Hop on over and check it out if you have not already, in which case you should go back anyway!

I decided to hop on over to TLC when I logged on and promised myself I would only look at Apple Falls’ new build. Well how that plan went pear shaped in under 2 seconds flat!

Apple’s latest release is mind blowing. I don’t have to tell you about textures since it is, well duh.. Apple Fall. Seriously kick ass, fantastic, awesome texturing. The whole build is right up my alley and well what can I say? I love it. Seriously love it. 

True to my word I don’t decorate a whole lot. As I explained before I love to use windlights to create a mood and let the light be the decoration. I rest my case. 

The stool from Zerkalo is the perfect understated decor piece for this build and well my decorating is done. The stool as well as a beautiful vintage, worn, old table are available at TLC 

Enough ramblings. Go shop.

Happy shopping.


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