They tell me I should put up a disclaimer so here goes nothing;

Rwahs.com is a Second Life blog. All thoughts, opinions and images on this blog are mine. If and when pictures and/or opinions are posted of others it will be stated clearly.

Please be sure that prior to buying anything shown on this blog you try out a demo and/or check out the product yourself to assure that you really want to buy it. Rwahs.com is not responsible for your dissatisfaction about any of the shown products. For what it is worth, nor are the creators.

ALL images are processed in Photoshop to enhance the light, color, etc of the picture. So the product you look at may not look the same when you find it in world.

Rwahs.com is not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research.

In less formal language; Buyer beware. Just because it looks good in a picture does not mean it will live up to your (maybe unrealistic expectations). The stuff I am showing is stuff I like and it lives up to my standards. Doesn’t mean it lives up to yours. So make sure you check out everything you wish to buy in SL.

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